Ash Keys products are manufactured by blending high quality bases with a selection of carrier oils and aromatherapy oils to produce a range of products developed to give both sensual pleasure and a benefit to your skin. Presented in smart blue glass or plastic containers to provide an elegant addition to your dressing table and bathroom.

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Gardener's Hand Cream - 50ml
The hand cream was the first product I created. It had to satisfy extremely demanding requirements, I wanted something that would sooth and soften my hands after a day of hard gardening as well as nourishing the nails/cuticles. It also had to be easily absorbed and not sticky.
A blend of cocoa butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, calendula, evening primrose, wheatgerm combined with essential oils of lemongrass, lavender, rosemary and frankincense was the final result.
Gardener's Soak Bath Oil - 100ml
Gardener's Revive Shower Gel - 100ml £5.00
Gardener's Hand Scrub - 50ml £5.00
Tropical Dawn Body Cream - 120ml £7.50
Refreshing notes of lime, grapefruit and mandarin overlay uplifting petitgrain and tranquil frankincense. The blend was inspired by the fragrance of citrus orchards at sunrise.
Tropical Dawn Shower Gel - 100ml £5.00
Summer Garden Body Cream - 120ml £7.50
Summer herbs warmed by the sun, a blend of lavender, clary sage, thyme and rosewood combine to give balance and harmony.
Summer Garden Shower Gel - 100ml £5.00
Isla's Hand Cream - 50ml £5.00
Perfumed with a delicate blend of rose geranium, lavender and exotic ylang ylang this hand cream was originally created for Isla. I was so taken with it I thought it deserved a full product range.
Isla's Body Lotion - 100ml £7.00
Isla's Body Cream - 120ml £7.50
Isla's Shower Gel - 100ml £5.00
Cool Mint Foot Cream - 50ml £5.00
A cooling blend of peppermint, teatree, and lavender oils gives a soothing and relaxing foot cream with the antiseptic properties of tea tree oil.
Relaxing Bath Milk 100ml £8.00
Lie back and be soothed by the blend of geranium, lavender and ylang ylang.
Rebalancing Bath Milk 100ml £8.00
Let the geranium, grapefruit, frankincense and lavender get everything back into balance.
Over Night Facial Oil 30ml £15.00
Just a couple of drops lightly rubbed into the skin will give the full benefit of the evening primrose, borage seed, camelia, rose hip, rose geranium, lavender and rose centifolia oils.
Moisturising Body Oil 100ml £8.00
A light but intensely moisturising oil. Non sticky and fragranced with lavender, ylang ylang, juniper berry and myrrh.
Rebalancing Massage Oil 100ml £8.00
A blend of geranium, grapefruit, frankincense and lavender.
Relaxing Massage Oil 100ml £8.00
A blend of geranium, lavender and ylang ylang.
Uplifting Massage Oil 100ml £8.00
A blend of lime, petitgrain, mandarin and ginger.
SOS Oil 50ml £10.00
A highly nourishing blend of rosehip, jojoba, calendula, apricot kernel, neroli, mandarin, lavender and frankincense conbine to produce a treatment oil for scars and stretch marks.
Muscle and Joint Cream 100ml £9.00
Soothe your aches and pains with a combination of lavender, black pepper, juniper berry and nutmeg.
Relaxing Body Lotion 100ml £7.00
A blend of geranium, lavender and ylang ylang in an easily absorbed lotion.
Anti Cellulite Scrub 350ml £20.00
Get to work on those wobbly bits with this scrub combining the power of grapefruit, cypress, back pepper and juniper oils. Blended in an apricot kernel and jojoba carrier with demerara sugar for exfoliation.
SOS Cream 250ml £20.00
This cream has the same benefits as the SOS Oil with the added benefit of an easily absorbed cream base.
Keep Calm and Carry On Oil 10ml £10.00
A few drops of this blend of petitgrain, lavender, vetiver and lemon is designed to calm you down without making you drowsy.
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